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Monday, October 22, 2007


Don't worry
It's only me

Doing my monthly
Blog drive-by....

Things have been busy
School, swimming lessons,
My little guy's playgroup thingy

Then our whole house was sick
For about 2 weeks
It just jumped from one person
To the next...


Now we're great
And getting ready for my
Second favourite time of the year



Cole will be a pumpkin..
Lauren will be a Tinkerbell for her school party..
And a Monarch Butterfly for trick-or-treating

Oh yeah,
And Hub & I are off to a party
next Saturday night

And we will go as
(LOL..are you ready?)...
Dog the Bounty Hunter
And his wife Beth

I can't wait to wear my peroxide blond wig
and wear clothes WAY-too-trailer-trash tight :)

So that's what going on in the
Wonderful World of Me...lol...

Hope everyone is well...miss you guys...

Have a terrific Halloween!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

waaaaaaay too long

Hiya :)
Way too long, I know...

August seemed to fly by
And September seems to be doing the same...

Big news this month though...

(No, not THAT...hubby's been fixed :) )

My very, VERY smart 4 year old
Began Junior Kindergarten 2 weeks ago...

That is the Canadian version of
American pre-school...
But it is REAL school...
On a REAL school bus...
For the entire day, 3 times a week

She is doing AWESOME...

I now sit and twiddle my thumbs most days
"This having one kid thing is an effin' CINCH!"
But her little bro misses her
And runs to her when we meet her at the bus stop...

So it has been an emotional, exhausting few weeks
As we deal with the changes....

I hope everyone is doing well....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

my summer diet

I seem to be
Increasing my intake
This summer

I think it's because
I've spent
Much of the last 4 summers
Either pregnant
Or nursing

I had to watch
What I was putting in my mouth

So this summer
I'm not reading ANY labels
Or holding back
When I wanna SNACK, dammit!


So far
My favorites are:
Beer (of course)
Bloody Ceasars (I've rediscovered the deliciousness of these :) )
Dorito's Chili Cheese & Lime Chips
Lay's Sea Salt & Pepper Chips
PC 4 Cheese & Onion Dip (with Tostitos Multigrain Chips)

Looking at that
You're probably imagining me at about 400 pounds?

Everything in moderation, of course.....:D

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

not-so-cheap thrills

We're back

From 3 days

At Darien Lake Theme Park

In NY State...

It used to be a Six Flags resort

But apparently they ran out of money

So someone else runs it now

With all the same stuff

Except for Bugs Bunny

Or the big-eyed, bald dancin' old guy....

We had a frickin BLAST

Oh yeah..the kids did, too...lol

We went with friends

So we were able to go on some real rides

for a change

As we had someone to sit with the kids

For a few minutes....

I've decided that

I'm not good with rollar coasters anymore

I got off "The Viper" yesterday

And i felt as though

I had 'shaken baby syndrome'

For about 3 hours afterwards...

Not fun.

But the water rides?

THAT is another story....

The picture above is of our favorite...

"The Tornado"...

Holy shitballs,

This was fun!

The others were fun...

But THIS one was absolutely fantastic...

Positively thrilling!

Oh yeah...

The "not-so" cheap part...

Was stopping at Target in Buffalo

On the way back to Canada afterwards....


Cha-ching :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

2 Week Wrap-Up

I know
I know
2 weeks is crazy...
But it's summer,
I have 2 kids,
Every day on my calendar
Has something written on it, it seems,
Plus my mother-in-law is here
And she shares the room
With my computer

What's a girl to do???

Lauren's teeth are still in her mouth
They don't hurt anymore
But I'm giving them 1 more week
Before I give them the
"Wiggle" test again....

So THAT'S good news

She turned 4 on Friday
I can't effing believe THAT..
So this past weekend was VERY busy

My son is the Everready bunny...
'Nuff said 'bout dat....

And I'm pooped.

Terribly, terribly tired.
but I'll live....

We're off to Michigan
At the end of the week
For a bit...
Can't wait...

Let's see, what else
Oh yeah,
I'm still cheating on you with Facebook
That's still going strong
It's still satisfying, which is good

And in between
We've been swimming
Swimming, swimming
And more swimming....

Hope everyone else is having a great summer...

(PS Sarah, I check out your blog
ALL the time,
But it won't ever let me comment :(
Maybe it's a border thing ;) )

Monday, July 09, 2007

And a little whine....

(For some reason my "title" line isn't letting me type there)

So yesterday
Lauren ran into the little dude
Next door

Mouth first
Into his shoulder

Her 2 front teeth were bleeding a little
And they were a little loose

As I am very much a teeth FREAK

The bleeding stopped
But they are wiggling a tad


Took her to the dentist this morning
He says they MAY have to come out
If they don't stop wiggling on their own
As it will affect her eating, etc

But they may settle in there again

If they have to come out
It will just be 2 years earlier
Than they would anyway

What's 2 years?

I'm not ready for her
To have a big gap yet

I've called the photo studio
To hopefully get the kids in this week
Or the beginning of next
JUST in case

Just to have one more pic
With her baby teeth all in
and beautiful

I know
I know
I'm a FREAK.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Rar-rah Canadah!

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Have fun!